A world tour for world children Round Table Tour 2004
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We can make a difference

Help is needed to improve the quality of living for children in several parts of the world. We can't help all the children, but we can make a difference for some of them. The money we collect with the Round Table Tour will be totally donated to child-related projects in the countries we will visit.

During our journey we will visit these projects and lend a hand if needed.
In addition we will aid the local project leader with our sponsor funds.

We already selected some Roundtable projects in India and Nepal. We are also in contact with several international aid-organisations. With this yourney we will also support some non-table projects in China, Yemen and Eastern Europe.

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Education is one of the basic rights for all children in the world. Unfortunately not all children are able to go to school because they have to work to be able to survive. In India ans Nepal we will build schools in deprived areas and we will provide the school children with a daily meal. Education will help them and their offspring to gain a better future.

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